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MRU Online View

MRU Online View was created to facilitate display and saving measured values of most MRU Analyzers on a Windows Computer

MRU Online View performs the following functions:
• Graphical display of measured values while measured
• Exporting measured values to Ascii, Excel or HTML
• Displaying measured values while measuring or showing the contents of the  analyzer’s stored measurements file
• Saving measurements on the computer.
• Displaying saved measurements on the computer.

The MRU – Protocol (also called Online View – Protocol) is supported by the most MRU handheld and portable flue gas and emission analyzers.

Industrial Protocol. This protocol is for Industrial Analyzers such as Vario Plus Industrial, SWG 200-1, SWG 300-1 and MAG 5. Industrial protocol supports a the larger number of measured values often needed for industrial applications.

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