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Branches and Applications

MRU Instruments offers an incredible selection of emission monitoring systems for a wide variety of industries. We are proud to offer high-end emission monitoring systems for industrial settings including stationary, handheld, and portable gas analyzer options. MRU caters to a wide array of businesses, offering gas analyzer technology and other emission monitoring instruments to people working in cement, glass, iron and steel industries as well as power plants, refineries, breweries and more.

Businesses across the globe have benefited from our gas analyzer instruments for over 30 years now, and our family-owned business has no plans of stopping. If you need a stationary, handheld, or portable gas analyzer for your business, MRU has the tools you need. We supply more than 70 countries with emission monitoring technology and would be proud to serve you and your business as well. If you want to save energy with your business, browse our extensive high-end emission monitoring equipment and place an order today.

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