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TheĀ MGA prime is your best choice when it comes to portable gas analyzers.

The MGA 5 and MGA 5 plus will be replaced by theĀ MGA prime.

MGA prime

High end flue gas emission analyzer for long time measurements of
industrial combustions, large boilers, gas engines and turbines,
furnaces and many more


  • Precise and very stable offset measuring technique using special non-dispersive infrared (NDIR)technique, for enhanced long-time measurements
  • Up to 8 gas NDIR measurement:CO/CO2/C3H8/CH4/SO2/NO/NO2/N2O and oxygen with either long-life O2-ECS or O2-PM (paramagnetic cell)
  • Remote display through MRU4U App over Bluetooth on smartphone or tablet or trough VCN server via LAN/WLAN

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