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GAS Detector (Gas sniffer)


Reliable gas leak detection and stack moisture detection with just one system

The sensor can be introduced to areas with difficult access using the flexible sensor neck

Sensor can be changed during operation due to automatic identification by the device

Adaptable to all units with AUX-socket like

AMPRO 2000 / OPTIMA7 / NOVAcompact and NOVAplus

HC-Probe for leak detection (all flammable gases), adaptable to all units with AUX-socket, e.g.

AMPRO 2000, OPTIMA7, NOVAcompact, NOVAplus

  • Optical alarm at the sensor and on the display of the device
  • Acoustic alarm by the device
  • Adjustable alarm thresholds
  • Indication of measuring results in ppm or %LEL
  • 6′ (2,0m) cable and flexible gooseneck
  • Calibration factors stored in the sensor, thus same sensor useable with different devices
  • Easiest handling: Sensor change during operation possible
Measuring ranges
Measuring range CxHy 5 … 20,000 ppm
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HC Probe PDF 927 KB Download

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