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Return Material Authorization Number Request

PLEASE NOTE, we only repair, service and calibrate MRU and MRU private labeled analyzers.

Submit your request
When you submit your request, please explain in detail if you have any issues with your analyzer. Explain your analyzer issues as detailed as possible. Problems encountered in the field might not be obvious in a lab environment. The more details we get the better.

Packing instructions
Please pack your analyzer in a robust carton making sure that it will not be damaged when being dropped. Always keep in mind that you are shipping high prices equipment. You might consider to insure your shipment on the way to us.

RMA approval
We will contact you by email once we have received your RMA with additional instructions and the shipping address.

Request RMA

  • PLEASE NOTE: we only sell our products within the USA, Canada, Mexico and Central America. All other countries, please contact your local MRU representative or contact info@mru.de

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