SWG100 Biogas – special biomethane version


Finally a breath of fresh air in the world of biogas thanks to BIOMETHANE, which according to many companies in the sector will lead to a real revolution in the renewable energy market.

Until now, the biogas produced in the plant could only be used on site, through a cogeneration engine for the production of electrical and thermal energy. Now however, thanks to an upgrade process, the biogas can be purified and transformed into biomethane, to be introduced directly into the national distribution network, or used for transport.

MRU’s solution:

To meet these new measurement needs, MRU has created a new version of the MRU SWG 100 analysis framework, dedicated to controlling the biomethane upgrade process. To date, about twenty units have already been successfully installed.

The analyzer can be expanded up to 5 sampling points, to monitor all the phases of the process at intervals: from the incoming biogas to the outgoing biomethane, as well as the possibility of controlling the quality of the off-gas and possibly other two points of your choice.

In this configuration the analyzer can be equipped with a dual NDIR bench with 4 separate sensors. Two sensors are able to analyze CH4 and CO2 with a dedicated calibration for values ​​close to 100%. The other two sensors, with a resolution of 1 ppm, can instead monitor the CO2 residue in the biomethane and the CH4 residue in the off-gas.

The analysis part also includes a sensor for the O2 analysis (electrochemical or paramagnetic) with the possibility of managing two H2S sensors with different measurement ranges, even with a resolution of 0.1 ppm.

The panel contains all the components, including the solenoid valves and managing the various sampling points, for the zero in the air and two other optional ones for automatic calibration (using sample gas cylinders).

The system also includes a cooler, with automatic condensate drain and alarm, as well as an automatic gas suction system, which automatically modulates the flow rate of the pump, capable of managing both pressurized and vacuum gas.

The output data is available in digital format RS 485 MODBUS, or in ETHERNET, PROFIBUS and analog 4..20 mA format, in addition there is an SD card with automatic data logger function.

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